Alberta Paramedic Guard of Honour Society
Incorporated 2010

On February 16, 2010, the Alberta Paramedic Guard of Honour Society formally incorporated under the Registrar of Corporations of the Government of Alberta.

For many years, the Emergency Medical Services profession in Alberta has been represented at ceremonial and memorial events by small groups of dedicated Guards of Honour. This has included participation in events such as parades, weddings, awards and retirement ceremonies, funerals, memorials and station openings to name a few. Collectively, these volunteers have dedicated tens of thousands of hours and participated in hundreds of events. The ceremonial drill teams which formerly represented the EMS services of Calgary, Edmonton and Parkland Ambulance Authority are now united, creating a stronger Provincial organization.

The Vision of the Alberta Paramedic Guard of Honour Society is "to be a progressive and innovative leader in the ceremonial and memorial representation of Emergency Medical Services." Like many aspects of EMS transition, the Alberta Paramedic Guard of Honour Society will continue to evolve as it faces new challenges and opportunities along the way. While established as an independent organization, the intent of the Society is to maintain a close relationship with Alberta Health Services and other stakeholders in the EMS profession. With the support of EMS practitioners and leaders from all corners of Alberta, we will grow and continually strive to achieve our goals.

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Watch for more information about our latest activities and accomplishments. Questions & comments about the Society may be sent to the Board of Directors identified below.

Yours in Honour,

The Board of Directors
Alberta Paramedic Guard of Honour Society


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