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About Us

The Honour Guard (HG) was created in April 2004 by a small group of paramedics under the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick (PANB) Chapter 3 South.

Since its formation, the HG has faced many challenges including changes in leadership, HG structure (Military vs. Para-military), membership motivation and location for drill practices. We've also had the challenge of financial support and lack of equipment.

The HG is unique from other Guards in that we are broken into two (2) branches. First, the HG is governed by an elected Executive consisting of a Director, Assistant Director, Communications Officer and Treasurer. We follow PANB Chapter by-laws which we modified to suit our needs. Second, during training exercises and functions we follow the Canadian Armed Forces drill manual. Our Drill Coordinator will wear a yellow lanyard on parades & details to make him/her stand out from the rest of the HG.

Since the Honour Guard was created we have put in countless hours of drill practice and administrative meetings, as well attending many funerals for fellow fallen paramedics across Canada. In 2009 we had the honour of hosting the Alliance of Canadian EMS Honour Guard roundtable and our Honour Guard led other Honour Guards (including Police and Fire) for the Tema Conter Gala in Halifax.

We are happy to say that we have 2 regions to our Honour Guard (West and East) within our province. We welcome our new found East members and look forward to our Honour Guard relationship.

Inclusion; we are a self governed honour guard driven solely by its membership and we continuously strive for excellence.

Mission/Vision Statement

New Brunswick (NB) Paramedic Honour Guard (HG) was formed to honour those who lose their lives while serving our profession both while on and off duty. We also strive to elevate the image and public awareness of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) profession.

The NB Paramedic HG is a non-discriminating organization comprised of men and women who are active members within the EMS profession and members in good standing with PANB.

Members freely volunteer their time to assist their EMS colleagues in their greatest time of need as well as demonstrating the pride of the Guard and the traditions of the EMS at public venues.

This goal will be achieved by the continued dedication to each member of the NB Paramedic HG using standard operating guidelines (SOG's) that outline both the attention to detail and level of performance he/she needs to commit to the Guard.

The Guard is always working toward excellence and for that things may change as the membership sees fit.

Welcome to the Guard!

Crystal Hart-Drake
Communications Officer
PANB Honour Guard

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